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DH Concrete is the concrete contractor you can depend on to give you top-quality results if it involves concrete material. From repair work to complete installation and replacements, we are experts when it comes to concrete work. We have the training for these tasks and anything involving concrete material is our specialty. So, no matter what needs to be done, you can count on us to give you what you need.

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With our 25 years of experience in handling concrete work, clients in Oakland, CA won't have to look elsewhere to get the results that they've been looking for. We use special equipment for the task to ensure quality results. We are BBB accredited, certified, insured, and bonded. We can even give a 1 year warranty for the service that we provide. So, if you want to give our foundation replacement services a try, we guarantee excellent results.

Looking for foundation replacement services in your area in Oakland, CA? Give us a call at (510) 439-2177 today so that we can start right away!